My visit to the Gold Coast, Australia!

Hey everyone,

Thanks for visiting my blog. It’s been a really long time and I’ve lost all the content I had here previously but I’m back. I’m on holiday at the moment and it’s been a wild ride. Anyway, it’s day 5 down here and the highlight of my week so far has been attending a dance class with my lovely wife Leslie.

I have seen a lot of dance classes because my wife loves it – but it’s never really something I’ve been seriously interested in. You know why? Because I suck at memorizing things. Seriously – you get told a few moves that make up an 8 count, then so on… once we move to the next 8 count, I forget what I just learned.

Then I discovered a place while we were at Church – there literally a dance class going on upstairs. I walked up there to find an amazing studio, where they were learning to FREESTYLE dance. I have to say, I have been hooked on the ideas I’ve learned since going there. It’s called Dance Skool. An awesome school that deserves to be know because of its amazing new teaching method. It’s very unique because they teach you different concepts, like hand placements, footwork, syncs, and more… so you can create moves on the fly and look cool doing it.

They teach hip hop style of dancing but really, it can be transformed into just about any style you want. It’s about how you deliver it. There’s no schools like this where I live so I’ll be back for a few more classes, and update everyone a bit later about what else is going on.

Thanks for reading.

– Scott

P.S. If you can’t find it then use this map, my GPS wasn’t picking it up when we first tried entering the address: